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Wed Feb 3 12:36:30 CET 2010

Geert & All,

Being still hopeful that there will arise places where critical reflective thinking about the impact of distributive information technology on society can take place, I welcome the appearance of this list.  I hope it will be a place where broader perspectives on social-technical architectures can be maintained, points of view from which we can see a way through the mists of mystification to all that we hoped for in the future of communication, education, and inquiry.

Jon Awbrey

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From: Geert Lovink <geert at xs4all.nl>
> Dear all,
> welcome to this mailinglist on critical Wikipedia research!
> There is an announcement of the Amsterdam CPOV event in the next email.
> Work on this project started early 2009 when the editorial team  
> emerged out of the global social cloud. I met Nate in Melbourne in  
> December 2008 and knew of Johanna's work already for a while. Then I  
> ran into Sunil and Nishant in De Balie, here in Amsterdam, and quickly  
> agreed that should do an INC reader on the matter, prepared by two  
> events. The concept was ready in June and work on the production of  
> the two conferences, one in Bangalore, and one in Amsterdam, started  
> soon after. First of all there was a call for papers for the Bangalore  
> event.
> During the first event, on January 12-13 2010 in Bangalore, the  
> editorial team decided to start its own mailinglist. So, here it is.
> Here in Amsterdam at the Institute of Network Cultures we are working  
> with a small team on the Amsterdam event. Besides me and Sabine  
> Niederer (who will be on leave soon) who are on the original editorial  
> team, there is the manager Margreet Riphagen, the Brazilian-German  
> research intern Juliana Brunello and the production intern Serena  
> Westra.
> CPOV is about Wikipedia--and its not. That's the central phrase right  
> now. Doing critical work in this field doesn't mean Wikipedia bashing.  
> To me it is sign that Wikipedia is growing up. It is a luxury to have  
> independent research networks that is not formally or informally  
> attached to the big Wikimedia Mothership.
> Let's see where CPOV will take us!
> Greetings from a wet and cold, slippery Amsterdam,
> Geert
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