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Dear All

Regarding the cabal, cult etc, I have used the term cryptohierarchies (like
a true Greek) to describe leadership emergence of this style, in this
article with George Michaelides
Cyberconflict at the edge of chaos: Cryptohierarchies and self-organisation
in the open-source
is a strange paper admittedly, but if anyone is interested I can email you
an electronic copy



On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 5:15 PM, Jon Awbrey <jawbrey at att.net> wrote:

> Juliana & All,
> The topic of "dysfunction" is another one with a long record of
> discussion at The Wikipedia Review.  The first thing to know
> about dysfunction is that it is relative to a function,
> that is, a goal, ideal, objective, purpose, or value.
> That brings us to the issue of "espoused values" versus "actual values",
> as emphasized, for instance, by systems thinkers like Argyris and Schön.
> One of the first questions to ask about a group project like Wikipedia
> is whthere the values that are "actually" actualized by it are consistent
> with the values that group members are constantly espousing.  When we see
> a wide divergence between the two, as most long-term observe in Wikipedia,
> we have the task of explaining that difference.  The complex of activities
> associated with Wikipedia may be perfectly functional with respect to
> certain
> goals -- the fact that these activities persist in spite of every attempt
> to
> modify them should give us a clue -- the question is, "What are those
> goals?"
> Jon Awbrey
> JA = Jon Awbrey
> JB = Juliana Brunello
> JB: I believe that the word 'cult' works more as a catchy title than a real
>   concept. What I find important in this discussion is that it all points
>>  out to a disfunction in the WP community, and this, I believe, is worth
>>  analyzing.
> JA: Ye Who Would Be C In Thy POV,
>>> Wikipedia's cabalism, cultishness, groupthinkitude, whatever you want to
>>> call it, is very real, and Vaknin's article describes it quite
>>> accurately.
>>> I frankly wish we could be discussing the future of knowledge work on the
>>> Web, relative to which Wikipedia furnishes a wealth of data about how
>>> badly
>>> a naive idea can can wrong, but other people keep bringing it up, so
>>> those
>>> who know are forced to say what they know.
>>> This is of course a hoary old topic at The Wikipedia Review.
>>> I once began a "meta-thread" in the Meta-Discussion Forum to
>>> collect various reflections on the subject.  It appears to be
>>> something of a dead horse over there, but here it is, FWIW:
>>> http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=17187&view=findpost&p=90830
>>> I am slightly incited to resuscitate the jockey if not the horse.
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