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Gregory Kohs thekohser at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 18:46:29 CEST 2010

I disagree with the notion that "only a very small minority of people
are critical of wikipedia and most think it's great (regardless of
what you or i think)."

This video:

...has nearly a million views on YouTube, not to mention how many
views took place on the original CollegeHumor.com website and other
cross-publishing sites and blogs.  If the inanity of Wikipedia is so
tangible and accessible for average people that a dramatic/humor
production could take the time and effort to make what is obviously a
popular meme actually FUNNY, then you know that society at large may
think Wikipedia "is great", but simultaneously "laughable".  The
phrase "Professor Wikipedia" returns over 60,000 results on Google.
The phrase "Wikipedia is a joke" returns over 41,000 hits; meanwhile,
"Wikipedia is reliable" garners fewer than 4,000 results.  A 2-to-1
ratio favors "Wikipedia is wrong" versus "Wikipedia is right" on

I think most people have a viewpoint on Scientology that it is a
rather laughable institution and/or belief system.  However, they
gladly support (with money!) and "think great" the movies and musical
output of famous Scientologists (John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Rob
Thomas, Beck, etc.).  I think Wikipedia is viewed in a similar light
-- it's the butt of jokes, but if you set aside that you're not going
to go to Wikipedia for final guidance on heart surgery or for
instructions on how to build a house, it can be an amusing and
engaging source of free information that (you know in your heart)
probably has a 5% chance at any given moment of being quite wrong.

As for it being a "cult"?  Maybe so, maybe not... depending on your
terms, and whether you're talking about the user, the author, the
governing board, or the True Believers.  Is this person a cultist or a


Who knows?

Gregory Kohs

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