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well, that's a very intelligent and balanced statement (except for the first three words, which are themselves a binary opposition, you're taking the position that there is absolutely no truth in what i am saying?). I applaud this statement. It is much more reasonable than most of the assertions in the recent avalanche of declarations coming on this listserv.

My statement was not directly at you personally.


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> Alan & All,
> What binary opposition?
> I know some very intelligent people who contributed excellent content
> to Wikipedia articles, and some of them are still ''trying'' to do so,
> and yet they are many of the strongest critics of Wikipedian practices.
> I think the purpose of criticism is a bit more nuanced than that,
> and it has more to do with the system of practices that is being
> inculcated in impressionable minds than the mere content of pages.
> Jon Awbrey
> Alan Shapiro wrote:
> > I think that it's sad that so much of this discussion seems to come down
> > to a binary opposition of either one is critical of Wikipedia or one
> > thinks that it's great. Why is it so difficult to have a balanced view?
> > My view is both critical and enthusiastic. There's a lot to criticize
> > and also a lot of valuable work that has been done there. I know some
> > very intelligent people who are contributing to Wikipedia articles.
> > 
> > Alan
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