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Sun Jun 20 07:12:29 CEST 2010


Just by way of supplying a bit more concrete detail,
here's what I got by searching the Wikipedia Review
Op-Ed Blog on "Weiss":



Jon Awbrey wrote:
> Andy, Greg, & All ...
> Actually, I wasn't thinking so much of people who use alternate accounts
> to carry out legitimate editing activities -- after all, one of the most
> highly touted maxims of the original wiki philosophy was often expressed
> as "Mind the Edits, Not the Editor", and Wikipedians still piously, if a
> bit Heapishly, echo those words even today.  Nor was I thinking of folks
> who use their transient socks for nothing more serious than tweaking the
> noses of Wikipedian power-mongers -- after all, I know few people who so
> richly deserve to have their Wiki-Probosci rejointed.
> No, I was thinking of people who use massive sock drawers to conduct
> concerted, longterm campaigns of media distortion -- and what medium
> is so well-tailored for ease of distortion as Wikipedia?  Few indeed.
> Cases like Gary Weiss, I guess.  But there I am already out of my depth,
> as it takes a real forensic investigator to unravel socks of that order.
> Jon Awbrey


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