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In this discussion, I am a little circumspect in that i am definitely not a Wikipedia scholar, and have been involved in an art project that involved Wikipedia, and as such revealed much of its inner workings.  However, I want to frame where i want to go discursively is to not deal so much with Wikipedia as such, but Wiki-based communities, their cultural effects, and the social scaffolding that emerges from them as the basis for:
1: Creation of emergent hegemonies (Wales, et al), and the reinscription of capital-power in anarchic media
2: The creation of dominant and subcultural drivers through said communities,
3: the potentials for art production/curation under such models and the sociocultural parameters for such
4: The possible reconfiguration of culture under these paradigms.

While Wikipedia as such is a juggernaut and important place to engage in a serious cultural battle, I also feel that the phenomenon of wiki-based communities, of which Wikipedia is merely one, and the cultiral structures that they create, are far more interesting to me than Wikipedia itself.

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Geert & All,

We must never let the facts blind us to a beautiful theory.



Geert Lovink wrote:
> Hi,
> I wondered if everyone had already seen this article on First Monday:
> http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/2744/2428
> Beyond the legacy of the Enlightenment?
> Online Encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias
> by Jutta Haider and Olaf Sundin
> This article explores how we can understand contemporary participatory
> online encyclopaedic expressions, particularly Wikipedia, in their
> traditional role as continuation of the Enlightenment ideal, as well as
> in the distinctly different space of the Internet. Firstly we position
> these encyclopaedias in a historical tradition. Secondly, we assign them
> a place in contemporary digital networks which marks them out as sites
> in which Enlightenment ideals of universal knowledge take on a new
> shape. We argue that the Foucauldian concept of heterotopia, that is
> special spaces which exist within society, transferred online, can serve
> to understand Wikipedia and similar participatory online encyclopaedias
> in their role as unique spaces for the construction of knowledge, memory
> and culture in late modern society.


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