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Gérard Wormser gwormser at free.fr
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Dear Amit,

Your question comes right ! I'm the founder of the Sens public digital review www.sens-public.org and I'll be present in Paris before travelling to Amsterdam on March 25th. Hence we might meet either for dinner on March 23, or for a lunch on the 24th. I'm currently setting up the international Congress "The Governance of digital publishing - between knowledge and powers", with the support of the French Research network ADONIS, the European projects DARIAH (digital infrastructures for the Arts and Hiumanities) and OAPEN (open access publishing). This event will take place in Paris in the end of April and i'll be very glad to meet you for a discussion prior to CPOV.

Just tell me where you'll be hosted - and eventually your hotel phone, and we'll try to find a place to meet.

gérard wormser

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  Hello CPOVers
  I will be in Paris a couple of days before the Amsterdam conference and was wondering if those on this list know some interesting groups/people to meet in Paris. In particular I am looking to meet "knowledge activists," by which I mean all kinds of people fighting against knowledge enclosures (against privatization of universities, against copyrights, proponents of FLOSS) who are thinking in somewhat broad political terms about their work or who think in terms of relationships/conflicts between knowledge paradigms. Any contacts (phone, email) are welcome.


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