<CPOV> Universal Encyclopedic Vision : E-lightenment & Bee-nightenment

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Mon May 24 17:24:47 CEST 2010

The theme that I hear being sounded here is actually a very old tune.
I learned from my subsequent researches that it long predates my own
first awareness of it -- that was probably sometime in the 1990s when
that old riff about the "Dark Side of the Enlightenment" was all the
rave in post-modern circles, echoing, a bit racistly, if you ask me,
''Dialectic of Enlightenment" by Horkheimer and Adorno.  I confess
that I thought it was all a bit absurd, as if they were trying to
blame Thomas Jefferson for what Hitler did.  Well, I eventually
started to see rather more sense in it than my first dim read.

But that's another meta-narrative ...



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