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Johan Oomen joomen at beeldengeluid.nl
Thu May 19 18:02:09 CEST 2011

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Hello all, 

If you were unaware, Wikimedia Deutschland, the volunteer chapter of the
Wikimedia community in Germany, has been spearheading a move to push for
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site recognition for Wikipedia. As one of the
most successful open knowledge activities, and probably the
most publicly visible open knowledge projects, this push for Wikipedia as a
World Cultural Heritage may be a great opportunity for gaining greater
public awareness of the principles of our movement of open and free culture.
The project manager for the push at Wikimedia Deutschland recently wrote a
post at http://wikimedia.de/wiki/WorldHeritage/the_idea which discusses the
idea and how to get involved if you are interested. 

Please forward this to any relevant groups that may be interested in
supporting the push for World Cultural Heritage,

Alex Stinson
Wikipedia Ambassadors
Wikimedia DC

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