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Felipe Ortega jfelipe at libresoft.es
Tue Sep 20 17:31:11 CEST 2011

Hi CPOViewers.

I hope this message is not considered as blatant self-promo. I just think it 
could be of interest for some of you.

I've just published a new book about Wikipedia, with Joaquín Rodríguez (vice-
dean of EOI, and PhD. in Social Anthropology). 

The title is "El Potlatch Digital: Wikipedia y el Triunfo del Procomún y el 
Conocimiento Compartido", which translates (approx.) to: "The Digital 
Potlatch: Wikipedia and the Triumph of Commons and Shared Knowledge".

The book is an interesting exercise of mixing a sociological and qualitative 
perspective (from Joaquín) with an empirical and quantitative approach (my 
own) to further investigate the motivations driving the work of Wikipedia 
editors. The book borrows the well-known case (in Social Sciences) of the 
Native American "Potlatch" to illustrate the importance of meritocracy and 
effort recognition in the editorial process.

You can fin additional info in this post:


Unfortunately, I know that many of you can't read Spanish. The book has been 
written in Spanish since we believed that it was necessary to balance the lack 
of books about Wikipedia in our native language. In any case, we'd be more 
than happy to find some help for an English version in the future :)

Feel free to send me any questions or comments (or help offers ;) ) about it.


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