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Onderwerp: interview for +31mag.nl about faircity

>Hello Jo,
>I'm Martina Bertola, the videomaker for the webmagazine +31mag.nl 
>( www.31mag.nl ).
>+31mag.nl is a multi language daily news website based in Amsterdam. 
>+31mag.nl is specialized in political, social and cultural aspects of 
>Dutch life with an international crowd of readers, producing original 
>articles, reportages and videos.
>We're working on a videoreportage about airbnb and the damages it's 
>causing to the city. We already talked with somebody from inside 
>airbnb, but we would like to have an interview with somebody from 
>Faircity as well, aimed to explain better why this kind of system it's 
>not good for the community of the city.
>The video will be structured like a "chat" with me while walking in 
>one of the most gentrified neighborhoods of the city (Pijp or Jordaan).
>Would you be possible to do this interview with you or with somebody 
>from Faircity? I'm contacting also Menno.
>Thank you for your time
>Martina Bertola
>videomaker for +31mag.nl
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