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Tue May 5 11:52:38 CEST 2020

En deze kwam net binnen ...

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Subject: Re: corona rents
Date: 2020-05-05 11:45
 From: "Edwards, Michael" <m.edwards at UCL.AC.UK>

Dear Ulli

I am passing your question on to our friend Joe Beswick at the New
Economics Foundation (NEF) which has just done a good report on how this
works in England.   Joe may have international comparison material too.


The UK is a very centralised country and CITIES have no power to make
these rules.  Perhaps the devolved governments of Scotland and Wales
have some powers, but for England the power is with the national (UK)

The NEF report explains the current England emergency provisions about
rent, income support and legal policy about evictions.  It analyses the
consequences and proposes changes that are needed.

There are also measures in England for government to cancel mortgage
payments for some housing landlords. It is a government much more
interested in protecting banks and businesses than citizens.

Best wishes,   Michael


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