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LIFE 2.0 Salon
Friday 8 July,  6 - 7pm
Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus), Adelaide 
FREE but bookings necessary 

We would be delighted for you to join us in an intimate exploration of the connections between Synthetic Biology and Art at the LIFE 2.0 Salon.

The evening will be hosted by Dr Lisa Bailey, RiAus Program Manager, who is passionate about promoting public understanding of science and technology – not just to produce new scientists but to produce citizens who can make their own informed choices about the science and technology that inevitably affects all our lives.  Lisa will be leading a formal discussion in the Gallery, and an informal discussion in the Science Exchange bar, on the exhibition’s closing night with:

* Internationally regarded, Sydney-based cross-media artist Deborah Kelly, creator of one of the highlights of the show - the RiAus commissioned Beastliness animation.  Beastliness investigates the creation of new hybrid species in surprisingly playful, provocative and sexy ways.

* Jane Messenger, curator of the spectacular Patricia Piccinini: Once upon a time…  exhibition at The Art Gallery of South Australia. Once upon a time... engaged wide audiences with similar issues to LIFE 2.0, such as genetic engineering, synthetic biology and inter-species breeding.

The LIFE 2.0 exhibition was curated for RiAus by Melinda Rackham around the concepts of Synthetic Biology, bringing together the ideas, materials and processes for creating newness through artifice of art and the synthesis of science.  The exhibition investigates the wider social, cultural and ethical perspectives on life itself - stimulating dialogue around Synthetic Biology in accessible, factual and entertaining ways through an exhibition, films, workshops and forums. Ultimately LIFE 2.O asks : 
- Are humans recklessly using up the natural resources of the planet, including all the other biological species, for our own will regardless of the consequences?
- Or are we working together with nature to create a better and sustainable world?

Sneak peek at Deborah Kelly's Beastliness:

About the LIFE 2.0 exhibition:

Read the Realtime review:
Synthetic Engineering: Dreams & Doubts by Kirsty Darlaston

Book for the LIFE 2.0 Salon:


Dr Melinda Rackham 
Contemporary Artforms Curator
Partner Curator Royal Institution of Australia
Adjunct Professor RMIT University

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