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Hi all,

For my sins I have been seconded to a full time position improving the  
student experience. So I'm looking for someone to teach Digital  
Culture - a third year course in the BA that has students from a wide  
range of programs taking it as an elective.

As taught in 2010 it has three modules.

  Module 1 The Information Revolution
  Module 2 Produsers, Creativity and Remix Culture
  Module 3 Social Networks & Online Communities

Students undertake tasks relevant to the module.
Set up an annotated bibliography in Delicious; edit specific Wikipedia  
pages; Post images to Flickr, download a classmates images and  
manipulate and re-post them; and so on.

They then read related material and discuss the process in an online  

Three assessible items:
Contribution to the discussion
A research project
A production project using free online tools.

As the course is online the tutor would not need to be located in  
Newcastle. However being able to have one or two f2f meetings would be  
an advantage.

If interested please contact me privately marj.kibby at newcastle.edu.au


Associate Professor Marjorie Kibby
Discipline Convenor: Film, Media and Cultural Studies
School of Humanities and Social Science
The University of Newcastle  Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia
Marj.Kibby at newcastle.edu.au
+61 2 49216604

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