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Hi Sydney!

I will be in Cannes; would love to meet up with Skadi.

In the meantime: yes, I have been here a long time, but NOT in 1969! I don't know that there is a book about the NYFF; many articles, I'm sure, though I'm not sure how one would go about finding them. I'm going to ask two of my former colleagues, who WERE here in 1969 (or very shortly thereafter) -- they are now both on our board. They may have info.

In the meantime, see you soon, I'm sure!

All best,  Marian

Marian Masone
Film Society of Lincoln Center
mmasone at filmlinc.com

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Dear Clarissa,
I am putting you in touch here with Marian Masone (212-875-5616) who is NY Film Society's programmer for the festival, New Directors and special events.  She has been there a VERY long time and I'm sure can help you on this.  She might have even been there in 1969, I can't recall.

Marian, please help.  The Film Festival Research Group is a group headed by a dear friend Skadi Loest of Hamburg (FF and University).  If the two of you will be in Cannes, perhaps you can meet.  If not, I would like to introduce you in Berlin next year!

All my best,

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Hello again,

Does any one know of anything written about the New York Film Festival? I'm looking for stuff on its founding, early history and I'm especially interested in the 1969 one. Any one know any articles or books on it? I've had no luck and I can't believe nothing has been written on it!

Clarissa Jacob

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