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Hi both
Good heavens I had forgotten but I was at Knokke the year the main prize was
won by Anna Ambrose for The Noodle Spinner.  Mike Dunford I believe also won
an award for Still Life.  We were all students at the Royal College of Art. I
don't think I have a catalogue. My first taste of the Real Stella Artois.
That may have been 1972, not sure.
Also the Expanded Cinema film festival at the ICA, where I was represented
with my 2-screen film Description, 1976 maybe.  That was a one off though.  I
could find the catalogue, Felicity Sparrow did some research on that festival
I believe.  She used to run Greater London Arts and set up Circles in the UK.
Athens Ohio has been going since the 70s and has always been quite cutting
edge. Ruth Bradley is the director and has been from the start. And Bristol
Encounters emerged from a short film festival that started in the 70s in the
I will let you know Greg if my 'weak' memory comes up with any other
festivals of that era.
Best wishes
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The final edition of the Knokke-Heist EXPMNTL film festival was held in
Belgium in December 1974.
You should definitely focus on it, and given its official and revered status,
there should be ample Belgian archives.
Also, Oberhausen always included a lot of experimental work --- at least when
Karola Gramann was director in the mid-1980s.
Good luck,


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Hello everyone.? I am developing a research project on the history of
alternative/experimental/avant-garde film festivals in Europe and would like
to ask for your advice.? I want to know if anyone can recommend any festivals
I should consider in my research.? I am primarily concerned with festivals
that are solely dedicated to alternative/experimental/avant-garde film and
video but would also like to consider noteworthy sidebars and programs in
larger and broader festivals.? In addition, I am most interested in festivals
that were established pre-1980s.? I would like to look at both continuous
long-running festivals and also limited life festivals.? Thank you in advance
for any information you can give me.

Best regards,

Greg de Cuir, Jr.
Selector/Programmer, Alternative Film/Video Belgrade
Managing Editor, NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies


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