[Filmfestivalresearch] DOCUMENTARY FESTIVALS - WORKSHOP IN PRAGUE (19th June, 5-7p.m.)

Aida Vallejo aida_vallejo at yahoo.es
Mon May 6 14:52:16 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I am pleased to invite you to the Workshop on Documentary Festivals which will take place on Wednesday 19nth of June in Prague (during NECS conference), which is entitled:


Participants: Aida Vallejo (researcher on European Documentary Film Festivals),  Skadi Loist (co-founder of Film Festival Research Network), Marek Hovorka (Jihlava Documentary Festival Director, Czech Republic), Miriam Šimková (Manager of East Silver Video Library -specialized in documentary from Eastern and Central Europe-Czech Republic), Hanka Rezková (project manager of Institute of Documentary Film - Czech Republic)

We will debate the possibilities of knowledge exchange between professionals and researchers to find new ways of collaboration for further studies.

Venue: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.
Date: Wednesday, 19nth of June
Time: 5 p.m.

Going out for dinner together afterwards will be a great opportunity for networking.
Please, if you are attending the workshop and/or dinner afterwards send an email to this address.

Best regards

Aida Vallejo Vallejoweb: aidavallejo.tk
aida_vallejo at yahoo.es

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