[Filmfestivalresearch] film festival panels at NECS?

Liz Czach liz.czach at ualberta.ca
Thu Jan 15 19:57:05 CET 2015

Dear Film Festival Researchers,

In the past, this list serve has been quite active in circulating panel
ideas for NECS (and SCMS) but I haven't seen anything go out for people
proposing something for NECS in Lodz Poland in June.

Did I miss it?  Assuming I didn't miss it, I'm wondering if there any folks
out there intending to submit a proposal?

Time is running out, as the deadline for pre-constituted panels and
individuals papers is January 30th.

So if there is anyone interested in perhaps contributing to the following
panel, please contact me asap to express interest (even if you don't have
fully fleshed out proposal at the moment).

Liz Czach
Associate Professor
Dept. of English and Film Studies
University of Alberta
liz.czach at ualberta.ca

Call for Papers

(Pre-constituted Panel for NECS, Lodz Poland, June 18-20th 2015)

*"Critical" Film Festival Studies *

The growth of scholarly interest in film festivals has led to the rapid
development of the field of “film festival studies.” It seems, however,
that the deployment of varied methodological and research approaches hasn’t
kept pace with this burgeoning interest and this relatively new field may
have already reached an impasse.

One of the central weaknesses of much current film festival scholarship is
the overreliance on descriptive case studies of individual film festivals.
While these case studies may illuminate the workings of one particular
festival they often do little to expand knowledge about festivals within a
wider framework. Consequently, this panel proposes to investigate
approaches to film festival studies that might productively produce a
“Critical” Film Festival studies model.

This panel aims to foreground critical approaches and methodologies that
might productively be used to critically engage with a wide range of film

Topics may include (but are not limited) to:

--film festivals as a media industry

--festivals and neoliberalism

--festivals and the knowledge economy

--festival labour & the gift economy

--festivals and alienation

--festivals and cosmopolitanism

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