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The attachment with my previous mail did not get through, so below the full cfp for the NECS 2015 conference in Poland. 
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Archives of/for the Future

The NECS 2015 Conference

Łódź, Poland, June 18-20, 2014

Deadline: 31 January 2015

In recent decades the figure of archive has been extensively employed in various fields of academic reflection. Moreover, since the introduction of accelerated digitalisation, the practice of archiving has strongly influenced modes of academic work and cultural activities. In order to reflect on the challenges and possibilities of this multifaceted notion we are interested in proposals which would deliberate on various aesthetic, philosophical, social, technological, methodological and practical aspects of archives in the era of digitalisation. Scholars from all areas of cinema, media and cultural studies (including radio, television, new media, game studies etc.), whether already members of NECS or new to the network (a valid membership is required, see also: http://necs.org/user/register), are invited to submit proposals for contributions.

Submissions may include but are not limited to the following sub-themes:

Open archives, open research

the ideology of open access
the rise of digital archives and overall opening up of institutions from the heritage sector
digitalisation and restoration
Big Data-driven historiography and computational turn
the politics of archiving
data storage and information management
Art in praxis
the uses of archives in contemporary art, film and television (found footage, piracy, remixing)
material and temporal aspects of a work of art
new media art, its production, reproduction, preservation and destruction
Social practices

social histories of recording, collecting and sharing
the futility and abundance of data in modernity
everyday (social) media and questions of sustainability
economics of archives
Archives of popular culture

new theoretical and methodological approaches to archives of popular culture
popular culture as an archive

technologies of inscription and their histories
media archaeology and the obsolescence of its objects
technological determinism and media convergence
Philosophical premises and promises

material and discursive conditions of writing history
memory of discursive formations
archiving as working for the future
nostalgia, melancholia and the modern experience of loss 


All speakers are required to provide a title, an abstract of max. 150 words, 3-5 key bibliographical references and keywords, name of the speaker and short bio (max. 100 words).


We support the submission of pre-constituted panel proposals in order to strengthen the thematic coherence of individual panels. We would like to strongly encourage members of the NECS workgroups to put together a pre-constituted panel but we also welcome submissions from academic project teams, museums, galleries and other institutions wishing to share their experience in the area of archives of/for the future. Panels may consist of 3-4 speakers from at least two different academic affiliations and preferably from two or more different countries with a maximum of 20 minutes speaking time each. Panel organisers are asked to submit panel proposals including a panel title, a short description (up to 100 words) of the panel and information on all the papers, as listed above.


Events such as workshops, roundtables or seminars – both pre-conference and conference – concentrating on more practical aspects of our field such as teaching or research methods are also welcome. In order to guarantee the success of this format as a forum for discussion, speaking time will be limited to 10 minutes per participant. Organisers are asked to submit workshop proposals including workshop title and a short description (max. 100 words).

 * * *

Please note that individuals may submit only one paper proposal, either to the open call or as part of a pre-constituted panel or workshop. Please submit all proposals before 31 January 2015 using the submission form below. Confirmation will follow shortly thereafter (around 28 February 2015).

The conference will be held in English.

Attendance is free of charge, but valid NECS membership and online registration are required in order to participate in the conference. Participants must register with NECS at http://necs.org/user/register and pay their fee before a proposal is submitted. Proposals from non-members (including all members of pre-constituted panels) will not be taken into consideration. See also: http://necs.org/faq.

Participants will have to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Travel information, as well as a list of affordable hotels will be posted on the NECS conference website in spring 2015.

Please email all enquiries to: conference at necs.org

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