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Dear Anshu,

I would like to recommend to you to get in touch with the german
organization DEFA-Stiftung. 

Here you might get not only the names and founding dates but also further
information about the film festival landscape in the GDR. 
A first impression you'll get by the overview:
DDR-eigene Leistungsschauen (ohne Jury und Preise), Leistungsvergleiche und
Festivals (mit Jury, ggf. Fachjury, Zuschauerjury und Preisen) in den
Gattungen Kulturfilm, Dokumentarfilm, Spielfilm, Animationsfilm und –
gattungsübergreifend – Kinderfilm.

All the best,


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   1. Re: Request for help from the list (Skadi Loist)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 22:19:00 +0100
From: "Skadi Loist" <skadi.loist at uni-hamburg.de>
To: "'Anshu Sharma'" <sharmanarayan at yahoo.com>
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	filmfestivalresearch at listcultures.org
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Dear Anshu:

Thanks for getting in touch.  


First: If you want to post a request to the list, you need to send it to:
filmfestivalresearch at listcultures.org, not (just) the list-owner?  Feel free
to post the request again to the whole list!


Second: Re. your question on film festivals in the GDR.  

Are you in German Studies, i.e. do you read German?  If so, there are a
number of references on film festivals founded in the GDR, which are listed
in our history section of the FFRN bibliography:

Especially Andreas K?tzing (German and English) and Caroline Moine (French
and German) have written extensively about the DOK Leipzig Festival, founded
in the 1950s.  I?m not sure whether there were more than this one.  I know
of several renowned festivals in the former East German part of Germany, but
I am not positively sure whether they have been founded after reunification
(the overwhelming part has).


The Children?s film festival in Gera might be original East German (GDR).
But Dresden Short Film Festival, Cottbus FF etc. which are of considerable
size now, have been founded after reunification to my knowledge.


You should get in touch with Andreas K?tzing and Caroline Moine.  They would
know for sure!







-- -- -- -- -- 


Skadi Loist

Universit?t Hamburg
Institut f?r Medien und Kommunikation
Von-Melle-Park 6, Postfach 20
20146 Hamburg



mobile: +49.176.6204.0039 

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 <http://www.skadiloist.de/> http://www.skadiloist.de


"Queer Film Culture: Queer Cinema and Film Festivals" 

14.-15. Oktober 2014 | International conference. Universit?t Hamburg. 

 <http://www.queerfilmculture.org/> www.queerfilmculture.org


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Festival Review section editor NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies

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Loist, Skadi, Sigrid Kannengie?er und Joan Kristin Bleicher, Hg. (2013).
Sexy Media? Gender/Queertheoretische Analysen in den Medien- und
Kommunikationswissenschaften. Bielefeldt: transcript.


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Dear all,

I am a relative newcomer to film festival studies and was wondering if you
could help me with names of film festivals that were held in the German
Democratic Republic during the Cold War. I would appreciate help with names
of documentary as well as other international film festivals.

Many thanks


Anshu Sharma-Narayan

Ph.D Candidate

University Of Massachusetts, Amherst



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