[Filmfestivalresearch] Recent doctoral thesis examines classifications (ratings) systems and independent GLBTIQ film and film festival production

Akkadia seshta at bigpond.com
Fri Feb 10 04:47:59 CET 2017

Dear Colleagues,

A recent doctoral thesis examining the role of classifications (ratings) systems on
independent film production and film festival programming with a focus on transgender cinema 
and queer and trans film festivals may be of interest to researchers, as this contributes to the growing 
literature of film festival scholarship internationally. It is available as a free download from the 
Southern Cross University (Australia) repository and also from my academia.edu page.
Publication details:

                       Ford, A 2016, 'Transliteracy and the Trans New Wave: Independent Trans Cinema

                        Representation, Classification, Exhibition', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University,                      

			Lismore, NSW (Australia). Copyright A Ford 2016. http://epubs.scu.edu.au/theses/508/


Kind Regards,

Akkadia Ford
PhD (Graduand) Cultural Studies, School of Arts & Social Sciences,
Southern Cross University, Australia
seshta at bigpond.com

Recent Publication
 Ford, Akkadia (2017). “Whose Club Is It Anyway?: The Problematic of Trans
    Representation in Mainstream Films, “Rayon” and Dallas Buyers Club”, Screen Bodies, Volume
    1, Issue 2 (Winter), Brian Keith Bergen–Aurand (ed.), Berghan Journals, Oxford and New York,
    pp. 64–86. 

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