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Mon Dec 14 16:58:34 CET 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am writing to signal boost the Fall issue of NECSUS, which contains an excellent peer-reviewed article on "Capturing film festival buzz: The methodological dilemma of measuring symbolic value" by Diane Burgess and a full festival reviews dossier on “Film festivals and the first wave of COVID-19”.

https://necsus-ejms.org/portfolio/autumn-2020_method/#toggle-id-3 <https://necsus-ejms.org/portfolio/autumn-2020_method/#toggle-id-3> 

Content of the festival reviews dossier: 
- Film festivals and the first wave of COVID-19: Challenges, opportunities, and reflections on festivals’ relations to crises by Marijke de Valck and Antoine Damiens
- The International Labour Film Festival in Turkey by Asli Ozgen-Tuncer
- Beyond a shadow of a doubt: For the Elche International Independent Film Festival dying is not an option by Montserrat Jurado-Martin and Francisco-Julián Martínez-Cano
- San Luis Obispo International Film Festival: The social responsibility of redesigning an American film festival by Justice A. Whitaker
- SXSW, Amazon, and the difficulty of staging an exclusive event online by Phil Hobbins-White  and Brad Limov
- Come together? Curating communal viewing experiences for hybrid and online film festivals by Dagmar Brunow
- Story within a story: Vues d’Afrique in the time of COVID-19 by Sheila Petty 

Marijke de Valck and I are currently planning the Spring issue of NECSUS. If you are interested in publishing a festival review with us, please check out the CFP below and/or get in touch! :-)

NECSUS’s forthcoming issue will include a dossier on “Film festivals and the first wave of COVID-19”, edited by Marijke de Valck and Antoine Damiens. Given that the pandemic is ongoing and that its impact on the festival world will likely be long lasting, we are currently constituting a dossier on “film festivals and the second wave of COVID-19”, to be published in the Spring 2021 issue of NECSUS. 
We are particularly interested in festival reviews touching upon: festivals organized in non-Western contexts; festivals that have been held in person and/or in countries without strict lockdown; cancelled festivals; innovative solutions chosen by festival organizers; and reviews that build on discussions started during the first wave.
If you are interested in contributing, please contact the section editors Marijke de Valck (m.devalck at uu.nl) and Antoine Damiens (Antoine.damiens at mail.mcgill.ca) with a short proposal. The deadline for submissions of the festival review (max. 2.500 words) will be in early February.
NECSUS is an international, open access journal of media studies initiated by NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) and published by Amsterdam University Press. 
Film festival reviews section, guideline for authors: https://necsus-ejms.org/review-submissions/
Previously published film festival reviews: https://necsus-ejms.org/category/reviews/festivalreviews/
Stay safe and take care,

Antoine Damiens
Dr. Antoine Damiens (he/they)
FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow
McGill University
antoine.damiens at mail.mcgill.ca

NECS - Feminist and Queer Research Workgroup (leader)
NECSUS - Film festival reviews section (co-editor)
My book LGBTQ Film Festivals: Curating Queerness <https://www.aup.nl/en/book/9789463728409/lgbtq-film-festivals> is now available (Amsterdam University Press, 2020).  

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