[Filmfestivalresearch] Online consultation : Resist / Exist — Mediterranean Film Festivals in Times of Pandemic

Guillaume ORTIOU-CAMPION gortioucampion at copeam.org
Wed Mar 31 14:56:39 CEST 2021

Dear festival managers,

As the year 2021 began with the uncertainty of the health crisis, the audiovisual and film sector is facing an unprecedented situation, with the restrictive measures taken to contain COVID-19 having a considerable impact on the festival sector.

The Cinema-Festival-Culture Commission of COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual) invites you to answer an online questionnaire in order to collectively assess the challenges, consequences and opportunities that the crisis represents for film festivals located in the Mediterranean area (Europe and MENA). The aim is to understand and enhance the actions implemented by the region's film events to resist the pandemic and to engage in a common reflection on the future.

Direct link to the questionnaire : 
French - https://bit.ly/ConsultationFestivalsCOPEAM <https://bit.ly/ConsultationFestivalsCOPEAM> 
English - http://bit.ly/ConsultationFestivalsCOPEAM_Eng <http://bit.ly/ConsultationFestivalsCOPEAM_Eng>
One response per event before 2 April 2021

For more information, please find attached a letter from Ms. Zina Berrahal (TV5MONDE) as President of the Cinema-Festival-Culture Commission of COPEAM. (In French)

We remain at your disposal for any further information, 
Our best regards,


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