[Filmfestivalresearch] Research on employment-related rights in cultural event work

Ann savetheorangutans.ann at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 08:56:52 CET 2021

Dear all,

I am returning to a recent query on this list about festival work.

There is an excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen research on
employment and working condition matters, and to present that at a
socio-legal conference in Austria next year (September).

As a member of a socio-legal research workgroup in Berlin, Germany, I have
been invited to work out details of such a presentation by the end of
January, as the need to support and spread activism, activist research
(such as seen in the Fair Festival award) and research blending in legal
and social-scientific expertise has resonated with this group.

This message is to invite first show of hands for interest in
participation:  with a conference paper, previous and fresh/ongoing
research, and some format for activist presentation. Comparative papers
addressing cultural event work in other areas are highly welcome.
I am also in contact with a publisher for an edited volume based on
conference papers presented in Innsbruck and non-conference work based on
current research as well as contributions in interview format.

Please let me know if you are interested or want more information.

Best wishes,

Ann Vogel
Habilitation affiliate
Sociology/Humboldt University Berlin
annvogel at rocketmail.com

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