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Hello everyone
at our little research center and no-profit org, we have laid down a
starting point that describes our practice over the last 5-6 years.

It's called "Nuovo Abitare" (new living) and these are its principles:

We would really enjoy discussing it with you all: the objective is to
produce something which A) expresses what we have done and achieved in the
last few years (nex will come an article in which each principle is
exemplified through a project) and B) something that people will be able to
appropriate and use in their own research, extending and updating the
concepts and cases

As a matter of fact, we will be opening in Rome the "Archivio dei Rituali
del Nuovo Abitare" (the Archive of the Rituals of the New Living),
including those projects, artworks, design interventions which we believe
to be exemplary of Nuovo Abitare. It will be freely accessible, open for
collaborations with researchers and activists, and it will sponsor
research, PhDs etc, so you might also want to keep an eye open for that.

We'd love your feedback and proposals!

Thank you and best wishes

*Art is Open Source *-  https://www.artisopensource.net
*Nuovo Abitare - *https://abitare.xyz/
*Human Ecosystems Relazioni* - https://www.he-r.it/
*Ubiquitous Commons *- http://www.ubiquitouscommons.org
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