<m2m-eng> asterisk

acracia acracia at riseup.net
Mon Sep 29 15:26:39 CEST 2008

today meeting with Jo about asterisk things, we will share information
to start¨ shaping a plan.

nothing is definitive, is just that we have to share information about
the possibilities.

issues we can work with:

* we have the info Sakho has given about the situations on the Detention
Center. We have to find out for example about RECEIVING calls instead of
 making. Or something like: I call and hung up, then the machine calls
me and asks me for the number.
* m2m itself calls a lot, maybe we can make those calls with shared
minutes or pay a small fee like we do with the skype, but have a phone
numbr on the internet and receive/make calls like the skype
* we can buy also a senegal number, and make people call local to
connect with local numbers in amsterdam. we don't need to have a machine
in senegal for that, but we need to have one phone line here, and pay a
60 euros or less by year.

All this asterisk is linked to local phone numbers. I think it would be
important to find places like NGOs or bars where inmingrants can  call
to our number and use our services without paying too (talking with the
people of bars or NGOs and tell them about our service, maybe when
people asks them there to make a call they can say: "want to call to
senegal? give me the number. here you go", and spread the trick...

we still need the card, unfortunately the one kwadronaut bought hasn't
arrived. also alessio and jaro saw yesterday in a place one at 32
euros... but i need to check is asterisk enabled and fnd the address.


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