<m2m-eng> Commemorate the Schiphol Fire with us on Oct.26th

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Tue Sep 30 15:10:07 CEST 2008

Commemorate the Schiphol Fire with us
In Amsterdam and at Schiphol Oost 2008

(Preliminary program below)

We are here

The Schiphol Fire that happened in the night of the 26th of October 2005 
will be commemorated again three years later, at the same place and at 
the same time.
At the memorial for the eleven dead that stands at the fence of the 
detention centre at Schiphol Airport. Survivors and relatives of the 
dead are working together to create the commemoration and to be there. 
The United Survivors initiated this in collaboration with M2M Radio and 
The Blue House. The Council of Churches
and the City Council of Haarlemmermeer will hold a service in Hoofddorp 
at which a group of survivors will also be present.

To make a life again

The survivors fight for their recovery and for their future.
They live dispersed throughout The Netherlands and try to stay afoot in 
the jungle of poverty, paper work and abandonment. Some of them are 
living out on the street, still facing deportation or collapse. Some are 
lost in the dark

All the people and all politicans must be aware of the facts
- the politically responsible persons have not been held accountable in 
front of a judge or in parliament.
- Ahmed Isa is still the only one prosecuted for the fire.
- Politicians turn away from the fire, from the causes and the 
- The Dutch government continues to detain people that are “not supposed 
to be here”
- The Dutch authorities turn a deaf ear to critical reports of Amnesty 
International, The Council of Europe and the State Council on the 
Implementation of Criminal Law and Justice.
- The surviving victims and the relatives of the dead are still coping 
without adecuate care. They are also kept waiting for compensation.

The commemoration demonstrates that the survivors are still here and 
together struggle for their future.

Together as one
Mboolo moi dole

The Commemoration Group is now formed by the United Survivors, M2M Radio 
and The Blue House, in collaboration with PRIME. It calls on all people
to join the survivors in this commemoration, as a gesture of solidarity 
and respect. And as a protest against the politics on migration and the 
detention of migrants in particular.

Spread the word. . Get connected. . Call us or mail.
m2m at streamtime.org
Tel. +31.624148872
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The preliminary program:

Sunday October 26th
1 p.m. Arrival at Schiphol Oost Detention Center, Oude Pol 64, 1438 AJ 
Oude Meer.
Bus or car transport from Schiphol Plaza.
2 p.m. Start of ceremonies. Survivors and artists go to work.
The results of previous work shops will become visible as the afternoon 
A tree of memory will be erected.
Delegations are welcome under the tree.
Individual ritual moments.
8.30 p.m. A church delegation will arrive from Hoofddorp. They bring us 
a load of earth to plant the tree in.
9.00 p.m. Planting the Tree
11.00 p.m. The banner will be attached to the fence over the wooden 
11.55 p.m. Everything comes together. In silence.

The full program will develop in collaboration with survivors and 
relatives of the dead.

Jo van der Spek, radio journalist & media maker
current project: M2M Radio, migrant to migrant

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