<m2m-eng> Welcome Ahmed Issa, 3 september in Amsterdam

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 28 09:40:10 CEST 2009

brothers and sisters,

Ahmed Issa will hear from the judge if he is guilty or not for the
Schiphol Fire. This is the verdict that she will pronounce on Thursday the
of September.
We will be there, with our bus and friends to support and welcome Ahmed
We hope you can be with us, to show the world that we are together in our
struggle for justice, to make a life again.

The prosecutor has created confusion when he demanded "only" 2 years
and 24 days in prison. This is exactly the time he has been in prison
after the fire. This means that he still thinks Ahmed Issa is guilty, but
has been punished enough.

Lawyer Eduard Damman has demanded "vrijspraak", acquittal for Ahmed Issa,
because there is no evidence that he did it. And we all know that the
state built that bloody detention complex and is responsible for the well
being of
all inside.

But the judges decide: guilty or free. That is what matters. And that is
what happens on Thursday 3rd of September in Amsterdam at 1.30 p.m.

After the verdict we will create a special ceremony to welcome Ahmed Issa.
invite artists, musicians, performers, etc. to create an event that looks
a bit like the commemoration. It will be a spontaneous event, to share the
feeling and say what we have to say. We announce this in the media and caal
on everybody to join us.
We have a license for this manifestation and we are cool with the court, so
we don't have to be afraid of the cops.

At 3 o'clock we go to De Balie, just around the corner on the Leidseplein,
to give a press
conference. In the Press Conference, we bring a theatre called "Donner".
Ex-minister of Justice is struggling with his words, and his bad
conscience. He tries to make a confession to a priest, but it doesn't

With this act we make clear who is really responsible, and who should
really do something to make things better for Ahmed Issa, the Schiphol
People and all other migrants. It is for the government to learn from
their mistakes.

Another problem

After the verdict Ahmed Issa can be arrested by the IND and transferred to
prison, in vreemdelingenbewaring! When the case is closed, he can be thrown
out of the country,
because he has no residence permit, no papers, no verblijfsvergunning.
This means that even if he is free, he can go to prison immediately after
the judge has spoken.

Now we cannot believe that this will really happen, but three lawyers have
told us that it is possible according to the law. And we know that the IND
can do what they want with socalled illegal migrants. We know that Miloud
Fritass was deported last January, even though he was in K, is traumatized
and recognized as a victim. He even received compensation money. So we
have no guarantee that they will let Ahmed Issa walk free.

That is another reason why we have to be there,
to make sure that Ahmed Issa is really free
to make him feel good and comfortable when he comes out of the palace of


After the verdict, the welcome ceremony and the press conference with
theatre we can relax and hopefully celebrate.

Ahmed Issa has told us that he observes Ramadan, like many of us. This
means: no food or drinks before sunset.

Jo and Sakho and Vincent

M2M and All Included
tel 0624148872


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