<m2m-eng> Schiphol Fire on trial. The next campaign

Jo van der Spek M2M jo at xs4all.nl
Fri Mar 27 09:17:00 CET 2009

You can help this campaign.
Contact us at m2mstreamtime.org
Call us at +31624158872.
Donate at ING 3452284, Jo van der Spek, Amsterdam. ref. Free Ahmed Isa.

Silence, you kill me.

In Holland innocent migrants are detained and tortured by the thousands. 
Eleven migrants died in the Schiphol Fire. And the prosecutor persists in 
accusing the first victim. Politicians remain silent about this sysematic 
violation of rights. Their silence is killing. We can break this silence, 

M2M and All Included invite you to join our next campaign with the Schiphol 
People. On Tuesday 21st of April the High Court of Amsterdam will start the 
trial in appeal against Ahmed Isa.We are preparing a series of actions and 
activities to make clear that not Ahmed Isa should stand in front of the 
judges, but the government of the Netherlands.

Because it is the Dutch government that built the prison at Schiphol Oost, 
they recruited and trained the personnel, they were in charge of safety and 
care for people without the possibility to protect themselves against their 
detention, against the fire and against the security forces that preferred 
to let people die inside their cells, rather than allowing them to save 
themselves or be saved by their fellow prisoners. Not Ahmed Isa.

We say: even if Ahmed Isa started the fire by throwing away his shaggie, 
rolled with Blue Rizla paper, it was still the system that did everything to 
cause the disaster. And every roll-your-owner knows that a shaggie rolled 
with Blue Rizla is very difficult to keep alight.Besides the technical 
evidence that indicates that the fire did not start in Ahmed Isa's cell, a 
historiical analysis of the way foreigners are facilitated to be deported at 
Schiphol Oost detention complex (and elsewhere in the Netherlands) clearly 
proves the contempt for the human rights of innocent people put in a prison, 
just to deport them more easily. It starts with denying their right, it ends 
with taking their life.

The survivors of the Schiphol fire and their friends, together known as the 
Schiphol People, know all about the way the government takes its 
responsibility. They persecute Ahmed Isa, who was the first to burn himself. 
They took the survivors to a prison boat. They threatened to deport them for 
a year after the fire. They refused proper therapy for their trauma's. They 
refuse to pay proper compensation. And they can't say sorry, we made a 
mistake.They can't even say: what can we do to help you make a life again? 
They are blind, deaf and mute.

We will be there, in court, in Amsterdam, with Ahmed Isa.

To see, to speak, to listen

Because we are here.

You can help this campaign.
Contact us at m2mstreamtime.org
Call us at +31624158872.
Donate at ING 3452284, Jo van der Spek, Amsterdam. ref. Free Ahmed Isa.

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