<m2m-nl> Vandaag live: M2M Kamp Radio in Ter Apel

jo van der spek jo at xs4all.nl
Wed May 16 09:15:35 CEST 2012

het moet even in het Engels,
graag verder verspreiden!
en als je wilt vertalen, graag!

Update 16th of May, Day 9 of the Third Battle of Ter Apel

Iraqi, Somali, Irani brothers and sisters, supported by Dutch activists
are together struggling for life and dignity for all.

M2M Radio is at the Action Camp of Refugees-in-the-Str...eet in Ter Apel

We have power, thanks to VCP Oldambt
We have internet, thanks to Rop, Jaap and Frostbits
We can stream today!
M2M Camp Radio has already started
The Open Radio Shack is in place.

Tune in at
Facebook.com/JoM2M = Like a Somali (English)
Jo van der Spek = Dutch
Twitter: m2mjo

Newsroom crew to produce newsbulletins for radio, video, flyers and
posters in many languages.

Minister Gerd Leers said in Parliament: “do not give false hope”. Refugees
say: “join our real fight for life and respect”
Leers says: Camp cannot stay too long.
Refusees say: “This is just a beginning.”

Tomorrow: Open Day in the Camp, meet and greet!

The rain will stop at 11 am!
Maybe a drop or two tomorrow afternoon
For the rest sunny, dry and a bit warmer.
Let’s make it hot!


Like a Somali!    facebook.com/JoM2M

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Jo van der Spek
Stichting M2M. Migrant to Migrant
m2m at streamtime.org


no borders between us

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