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Apel Camp Newsbulletin 19th of May 2012, by Ahmed Mustafa for M2M

A visit from the PvdA, the Dutch Labour party.

Two members of parliament of the PvdA made an hours long visit to the camp
on Saturday. Sharon Dijksma, the high-ranking spokesperson for migration
came with Tjeer van Dekken who lives in Groningen and they were
accompanied by Richart Joling, the active regional board member. They
talked with many people and said they will try to find a good solution.
M2M made interviews with each of them.
On Tuesday the Parliament will vote about the situation. The question is:
Is there a hope from you to us?
Joling: I have not a lot of hopes.

Again a doctor came to our camp to treat people in a dedicated tent. Seven
people went to the hospital in Emmen. One of us will get treatment for his
eye. Thank you Juno from Zaandam for being with us.
Also 6 people had to go to a dentist. But on Saturday and Sunday we could
not find a dentist willing to help in Emmen or Stadskanaal, so not in
Drenthe and not in Groningen province. We will try again on Monday. There
is a real good dentist in our camp, but he has no tools. He could really
help many brothers and sisters if he can borrow some equipment.

>From Germany came a group of 8 people bringing food, clothes and water in
a big car. They said: This is not humanity. The group is called Hard core

All day mister Aksaray and sons was on the parking with his Doner kitchen.
He gave his day and all good food to all people of the camp. Teshekkuur

Many people from around Ter Apel brought a lot of things like food and
clothes. On woman in a wheel chair is called Marritt, her age is 35 years.
She has a website www.hulpterapel.nl and I think that she cooked a kind of
cakes herself. And also two women from a church in Emmen came and offer
help to us.

A group from Zeeland of 4 people made a nice party today from 4 till 5
with the poet Wim de Neef and singer Harry Loco. They played nice songs
about peace, hope, love and being humans. The performance was called Love
and Light.

We also had problems. One generator did not function, so most of the day
we had no power supply. In the evening also the internet connection was
lost, because our friendly neighbour could not use his telephone anymore.

The good news was that M2M got a TV and a Digitenne from neighbours, so we
could all watch the cup final between bayern and Chelsea. The Somali clan
was extremely happy when Chelsea won.

Somebody also started to make a chalk drwaing on the street: WE ARE HERE

Did you know that the monastery of ter Apel, built from 1465 is called
House of New Light?

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