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Please see below for a Call for Papers for a Theme Track we’re hosting at the 2022 Design Research Society conference. We’re seeking peer-reviewed papers of up to 5000 words, for a deadline of Nov 24th. Much more detail about submitting to DRS and the review process is available here: https://www.drs2022.org/papers/ <https://www.drs2022.org/papers/>
Theme tracks offer a chance for researchers to run unique and focused sessions at the main conference. Through this track, Bettina, Chris and I hope to develop a community of design researchers around topics of designing with money and FinTech. We’re interested in a range of design-led and empirical work. 
You can read more below, and see this, and all of the other theme tracks here:https://www.drs2022.org/theme-tracks/ <https://www.drs2022.org/theme-tracks/>
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, and please help us share this call widely, across colleagues and disciplines!
With thanks,
Chris, Bettina & Inte
DRS Theme Track 328: Designing New Financial Transactions: Theories, Case Studies, Methods, Practice and Futures

Dr. Chris Elsden (Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh)

Dr. Bettina Nissen (Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Inte Gloerich (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & Transmission in Motion, Utrecht University)

Talking about money can be difficult; designing with it, harder still. Though design is increasingly ‘value-centred’, this theme-track proposes the need for critical attention to how we actually represent, transact and exchange what we value.
Recent technological innovations have produced a multitude of new ways to pay, and be paid. Virtual goods and platform currencies, such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, Twitch Bits or TikTok Coins facilitate novel ‘creative transactions’ between users and content creators (Elsden et al., 2021). These ‘special monies’ (Zelizer, 1989) position acts of payment as new forms of social media (Swartz, 2020). Cryptocurrencies continue to grow, alongside ‘decentralised finance’ (or ‘DeFi’) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), seeking alternative means to transact within digital economies. Finally, traditional financial and banking services are becoming increasingly mobile, inter-operable and programmable (e.g. Venmo, Monzo, N2,6 Klarna, Robinhood), producing rich transactional data about their users (O’Dwyer, 2019). 

Hence, it is clear that the design of money is undergoing rapid innovations, while new economies emerge in tandem with changing social, cultural, and political dynamics. This theme-track aims to highlight how designers can shape these new economies and social worlds through the design of new financial transactions and services.
We invite papers that address:
Designing for new forms of currency, tokens and value exchange
Designing for online, platform and decentralised economies
Theories, methods, patterns and frameworks to support the design of financial transactions and technologies
Designerly case studies of novel FinTech
Design futuring for new financial transactions

For more details on submitting to DRS, follow this link: https://www.drs2022.org/papers/ <https://www.drs2022.org/papers/>
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