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>> Call for Papers
>> Storyworlds across Media. Mediality – Multimodality – Transmediality
>> June 30th – July 2nd, 2011 at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
>> Even though narratology was conceived as a transmedial endeavour from
>> its very beginnings in Russian formalism and French structuralism, most
>> of its more influential models have been – and continue to be –
>> developed in the context of literary criticism and film studies. In
>> contemporary media culture, however, the creation of storyworlds is not
>> limited to literature and traditional feature films. Rather, emerging
>> forms of multimodal and interactive narration, experiments with the
>> distinction between fictional and nonfictional narrative, various forms
>> of intermedial adaptation, and attempts at 'transmedia storytelling'
>> create new ways of presenting narrative content, thereby calling
>> attention to the affordances and limitations of different narrative
>> media as well as to their potential for cooperation. The increased
>> interest in the relation between media and narrative sparked by the
>> development of digital technology and the recent proliferation of
>> delivery techniques in the context of media convergence has reinforced
>> the need for an interdisciplinary and transmedial narratology that
>> studies storyworlds across media.
>> We welcome proposals for papers on the following aspects of storyworlds
>> across media:
>> Transmedial narratological concepts: What are the theoretical problems
>> encountered by the project of a transmedial narratology that spans
>> different media? To what extent and under what conditions can
>> narratological concepts be applied across narrative media?
>> Mediality of Narrative: In what ways is the mediality of pictorial
>> narrative (e.g. paintings, photographs), graphic narrative (e.g. graphic
>> novels), audiovisual narrative (e.g. TV-series, film), and interactive
>> narrative (e.g. computer games) relevant for their specific narrativity?
>> Intermedial Relations: How do older media react to the emergence of new
>> media by imitating their techniques or borrowing their resources? How do
>> new media start out borrowing the narrative forms of older media but
>> eventually develop their own forms?
>> Transmedial Narration: What kinds of specific problems arise from the
>> transmedial representation of characters, events, and storyworlds in the
>> context of adaptations, transmedia storytelling franchises, and other
>> forms of transmedial narration?
>> Please send proposals (including a 300-word abstract, contact
>> information and a 100-word bio) for 30-minute papers via email (as a
>> PDF) to storyworlds at uni-mainz.de no later than March 31th, 2011.
>> Accomodation for speakers will be provided. Publication of the
>> conference proceedings is planned.
>> Conference Organizers
>> Marie-Laure Ryan, PhD (marilaur at gmail.com)
>> Prof. Dr. Karl N. Renner (krenner at uni-mainz.de)
>> Jan-Noël Thon, M.A. (thon.j at t-online.de)
>> http://www.medienkonvergenz.uni-mainz.de/wp-content/uploads/CFP-Storyworlds.pdf 
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