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> Subject: [ecrea] Full Time PhD position on social media & privacy, Free University of Brussels
>> Vacancy: Full Time PhD position, Free University of Brussels
>> (ref. IBBT/SMIT/Privacy)
>> The research centre IBBT-SMIT at the Free University of Brussels
>> (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) offers a full time PhD position in the
>> field of Social Sciences, more in particular of Media and
>> Communication Studies. The vacancy is open for a research position of
>> 4 years, in order to realize a PhD on the use of social media and
>> social networks sites, the reconfiguration of privacy practices and
>> the social and technological consequences thereof. The position starts
>> in January 2011, and is supervised by Prof. Jo Pierson.
>> Candidates are expected to show strong affinity with and interest in
>> the domain of audience and user studies, social media technologies and
>> media sociology, and are holder of a Masters degree in Social Sciences
>> (Communication Studies, Sociology, ...). Applications are to be sent
>> electronically as soon as possible (at the latest by 14th January
>> 2011) to Hans De Canck (Hans.De.Canck at vub.ac.be) and Prof. Jo Pierson (jo.pierson at vub.ac.be ). When applying, a motivation and an elaborated vision on the theme
>> under concern are expected to be included with the CV.
>> Contact information:
>> Hans De Canck
>> Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
>> Pleinlaan 9
>> B-1050 Brusssels
>> E-mail: Hans.De.Canck at vub.ac.be
>> Tel.: +32-(0)2-6291628
>> Prof. dr. J. Pierson
>> Dept. of Media and Communication Studies
>> Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
>> Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
>> Pleinlaan 2
>> B-1050 Brusssels
>> E-mail: jo.pierson at vub.ac.be
>> Tel.: +32-(0)2-6292412
>> Description of research theme:
>> We are witnessing the rapid growth of a new generation of
>> participatory and collaborative network technologies that provide
>> individuals with a platform for sophisticated online social
>> interaction. Social networks today have hundreds of millions of users
>> and are transforming our social and professional interactions and to
>> some extent are shaping society itself. Gradually, society is
>> discerning that this development not only brings strong bene﬙ts to
>> the social and economic fabric, but also introduces new risks related
>> to privacy violations. At this stage, these issues are often perceived
>> as isolated incidents that most organizations do not take
>> accountability for. Yet, the implications of social networking
>> environments for individual users, communities, organizations and
>> society at large will become much more evident and most likely more
>> substantial if necessary precautions are not taken. Especially
>> alarming is the massive responsibility that individuals incur with
>> respect to managing privacy and security risks arising from the
>> information collected and shared about their everyday life on social
>> networking sites. This phenomenon is has been coined as the
>> responsibilisation of individuals.
>> The main objective of the overall research project is to mitigate the
>> responsibilisation of individuals who use or are aﬕected by social
>> networking services by making the underlying social networking
>> infrastructures and the organizations that run them more accountable.
>> In order to achieve this objective ﬙rst an understanding of the
>> target audience is required as well as forms of responsibilisation.
>> This target audience includes users, communities and organizations in
>> Flanders (Belgium). The plan is to develop solutions that facilitate
>> better decision making with respect to the target groupsâ•˙ privacy and
>> security concerns, and that mitigate the risks, threats and concerns
>> that currently are manifest in this domain.
>> The PhD research position at IBBT-SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) is
>> part of this larger four-year interdisciplinary research project on
>> security and privacy in online social networks, involving different
>> Belgian universities and one American university. More in particular
>> the doctoral research has a twofold perspective. On the one hand it
>> wants to understand the practices and needs of users with regard to
>> privacy issues within social network sites, mainly based on the use of
>> qualitative and ethnographic methods. On the other hand it will focus
>> on the critical design variables and tools for social software. For
>> the latter a translation needs to be made from the user research
>> findings to possible guidelines and requirements for future media en
>> technological solutions.
>> Requirements:
>> A Master degree in Social Sciences, (Communication Studies,
>> Sociology, ...)
>> Good knowledge of Dutch (and English)
>> Strong affinity and/or interest in the domain of audience and user
>> studies, social media technologies and media sociology
>> Good knowledge of user research methods
>> Good writing skills
>> To be flexible and to be able to cope with deadlines
>> Team player with strong social skills
>> Research experience is a plus.
>> We offer:
>> An interesting PhD research position (4 years) in a stimulating work
>> environment
>> Enthusiastic and young co-workers and a pleasant environment
>> Day to day support and project guidance based on high quality standards
>> A place for personal involvement and input
>> Flexible working hours
>> Multiple social benefits
>> Salary in accordance with the job market.
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