<unlike-us> The Github drama

gertml gertml at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 9 14:05:50 CEST 2018

Github was one of the loose ends of the "open source"
creators. A centralist outfit[1] that uses its closed
source software to host all that open source "stuff."
That was a good reason for me to never use it, to me it
meant that this outfit too suffered from clown disorder.
Clowns often demonstrate the paradoxes of insanity,
e.g. trying to do impossible things and when it doesn't
work, just keep repeating the same thing.

However, Microsoft (and many other outfits) know that
it can indeed be very lucrative to play the clown for
a large audience. It rents out a lot of that open
source "stuff" on its Azure cloud, because customers
seem to love it, and so far the creators have not
yet complained about this bizarre weirdness.

What MS did, was annex some of the best creations.
Now it suddenly controls the whole stellar creation.
The time bomb is ticking, but there is still time to

Github refugees are setting up camp in rented places.
In some places, it costs 1 dollar per month to get
a space. In some places, it makes you a member of a

So, Github sold us out. But how could we ever think
it would be "free"? All our hard work, just to make the
Github owners filthy rich, and we get *nothing*. The
horror. Why does nobody come up with the brilliant
idea to open a decentralized repo (perhaps a non-profit
org for non-profit creators) that actually allows for
the creators to be paid? And would it make sense to
know where to find a given repo?

[1] Organized wealth extraction that is "unfamiliar"
with ethics.


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