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 <http://greencube.gallery/>A dirty fairy tale about meme, art, politics and propaganda
This is a dirty fairytale about memetics, art and politics.

#MEMEPROPAGANDA is an IRL/URL exhibition project, curated by clusterduck <http://clusterduck.space/> collective and hosted by Greencube.gallery, taking place from the 8th of May to the end of June. The show represents a reflection on the growing role of memes in digital society, critically examining their wide reaching impact on contemporary aesthetics, politics and academia. #MEMEPROPAGANDA is also an experiment in collective memetic production, challenging the public to participate in an online competition of meme character design.

Six selected artists created a set of iconic posters, having as protagonists the fabulous creatures known as meme characters. The posters have been and will be spread in selected locations IRL/URL and contain a call to action, inviting the wider public to visit the exhibition and take part in its interactive, participatory online format, the 4ducks image board. This is structured as a homage to classic imageboard websites, which have been the natural ecosystems in which memes first developed. The resulting interactions and artistic experiments are documented on the gallery’s website and form integral part of the exhibition.

Behold the magnificent world of #MEMEPROPAGANDA: a world where meme characters interact with us, ceaselessly entertaining, provoking, confusing and enchanting us.
They can be frogs, bears, humans, monsters, freaks, or something entirely different: what they all have in common, is their capacity to become mirrors, reflecting our very own desires and fears, our miseries and our dreams. They are precious instruments, and powerful beings; but most of all, they are what we want them to become.

http://clusterduck.space/ <http://clusterduck.space/>
http://greencube.gallery/ <http://greencube.gallery/>
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