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Heather Marsh ttscanada at riseup.net
Sat Jan 18 16:50:59 CET 2020

Hi all,

I've published /The Creation of Me, Them and Us/ 
the first book in the new series I have been working on for those of you 
who may be interested in that.

I hope you are all well and this year brings everyone progress in 
whatever it is you are working on!

/The single greatest tool for making moral people commit atrocities is 
group affiliation. The single greatest tool for promoting global human 
rights and equality is to end group affiliation./

This book is an expansion of the thought above, written in/Binding 
Chaos/in 2013. In 2013, so many things seemed simple and self-evident. 
In 2020, the goal seems as clear as ever, but the road seems much longer 
and many things have to be examined in detail that were glossed over a 
decade ago. Like our journey, this book is more complicated than the 
book written almost a decade ago. It will take longer to read and longer 
still to debate, but like Spain’s 15-M movement used to say,/we are 
moving slowly because we are//trave//l//ling//a long way./

When our quest for justice falls apart we, like Inigo Montoya, need to 
go back to the beginning. This book is the beginning.It is part of a 
series that will cover the structure of our institutions, but before we 
can discuss our institutions, we need to discuss who we are.This series 
beginsbyexamining the nature of self, life, will, reality and power. The 
rest of the serieslooks atthe societal institutions which have grown up 
around nations, economy, law, governance, architecture and 
technology.These books arealla further examination of the problems 
identified in/Binding Chaos/in 2013.

By the time we reach the end of thisseries, we will hopefully be back on 
the road to building a better world, armed with a better understanding 
of where and how we were derailed.I hope it is some help to each of you 
on your own paths.

*The Binding Chaos series*

A look at the world –/Binding Chaos/ 

Self –/The Creation of Me, Them and Us/ 

Life –/Abstracting Divinity/

Reality –/Shaping Reality/

Will –/Free Will and Seductive Coercion/

Power –/Great Men, Commoners, Witches and Wre//t//ches/

Nation/– The Fourth Age of Nations/

Economy –/The Approval Economy/

Law –/Law and Chaos/

Governance –/Autonomy Diversity//S//ociety/

Architecture –/Rethinking the Moats and Mountains/

Technology –/Code Will Rule/

The first of the new books is live now 
will be available in other formats and serialized over the next weeks.

All the best,


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