<unlike-us> Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism, ed. C. Fuchs

Christian Fuchs christian.fuchs at uti.at
Mon Jan 20 12:47:42 CET 2020

Fuchs, Christian, ed. 2020. Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism. 
tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique 18 (1): 1-285.


The 15 contributions comprising this special issue analyse and theorise 
communicative socialism and the communication of socialism in the 
digital age.

Table of Contents:

Christian Fuchs: Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism, pp. 1-31

Christopher C. Barnes: Democratic Socialists on Social Media: Cohesion, 
Fragmentation, and Normative Strategies, pp. 32-47

Dimitris Boucas: Theory, Reality, and Possibilities for a 
Digital/Communicative Socialist Society, pp. 48-66

Christopher M. Cox: Rising With the Robots: Towards a Human-Machine 
Autonomy for Digital Socialism, pp. 67-83

Emiliana De Blasio, Michele Sorice: Spaces of Struggle: So

Nick Dyer-Witheford: Left Populism and Platform Capitalism, pp. 
116-131cialism and Neoliberalism With a Human Face Among Digital Parties 
and Online Movements in Europe, pp. 84-100

Donatella Della Ratta: Digital Socialism Beyond the Digital Social: 
Confronting Communicative Capitalism with Ethics of Care, pp. 101-115

Sai Englert, Jamie Woodcock, Callum Cant: Digital Workerism: Technology, 
Platforms, and the Circulation of Workers’ Struggles, pp. 132-145

Christian Fuchs: The Utopian Internet, Computing, Communication, and 
Concrete Utopias: Reading William Morris, Peter Kropotkin, Ursula K. Le 
Guin, and P.M. in the Light of Digital Socialism, pp. 146-186

Hardy Hanappi: A Global Revolutionary Class Will Ride the Tiger of 
Alienation, pp. 187-203

Dmitry Kuznetsov, Milan Ismangil: YouTube as Praxis? On BreadTube and 
the Digital Propagation of Socialist Thought, pp. 204-218

Eleonora de Magalhães Carvalho, Afonso Albuquerque, Marcelo Alves Santos 
Júnior: Brazilian Blogosfera Progressista: Digital Vanguards in Dark 
Times, pp. 219-235

Joan Pedro-Carañana: Towards a Marxist Theory of Mediation: 
Contributions from Ibero-America to the Study of Digital Communication, 
pp. 236-253

Jamie Ranger: Slow Down! Digital Deceleration Towards A Socialist Social 
Media, pp. 254-267

S. Harikrishnan: Communicating Communism: Social Spaces and the Creation 
of a “Progressive” Public Sphere in Kerala, India, pp. 268-285

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