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John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Fri Mar 27 16:54:40 CET 2020

Data data data --

An ever-increasing data feedback system eventually grinds to a halt, choking on 
the granularity and complexity of recording, saving, meta-data-ing, processing, 
and interpreting the feedback. Not to mention the clouds of CO2 that accompany 
this energy-intensive and ever-accretionary process of turning the map into the 
territory. There is an asymptotic limit to the madness of data. We are as close 
to that asymptote as we will (hopefully) ever be. We cannot afford, by any 
metric, to gather more data, much less 'use' it.

I personally don't need more data rituals. I'd rather spend more time in analog 
reception of the energy flows that I am a part of, and that I am immersed 
within. Pondering those flows directly allows the question "What is the nature 
of reality?" not only to surface organically, but for it to become ever more 
moot, *and* ever more part of life. Whenever I hear of someone with an Apple 
watch telling them to breath, I think, that's stupid to off-shore our embodied 
self-awareness to that globe-spanning techno-social feedback network. Partly, 
yes, because it takes a huge amount of energy to implement such a system, and 
partly in that it is the exact problem driving the ongoing lack of response to 
human-caused climate distortion -- that is, the wholesale separation of our 
(symbolic) mental processes from the immediate experience of the world-that-is.


On 24/Mar/20 22:08, xDxD.vs.xDxD wrote:
> The complex phenomena of our planet can be only experieced through enormous
> quantities and qualities of data, and through the computation needed to
> collect them, and to processes and represent them. How can I experience
> climate change (as a global phenomenon, not just because it is hotter in my
> city)? COV19? Povety? etc
> Data, data, data, and computation.
> Understanding this tragic condition, in context, means that data +
> computation need to be addressed as existential issues, not as technical
> ones.
> This means a necessary focus shift towards finding/building the new
> rituals, times, habits, practices and traditions with which we will learn
> to inhabit our world through data and computation.

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