<videovortex> "Are camera phones useful or just toys?"

David garcia davidg at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 12 12:30:24 CEST 2007

I think that mobile phone cameras are an essential component in
this event. Especially as the quality of these phone cameras are
improving all the time. At the high end they are already approaching
the quality of the first generation of camcorders.


On 22 Mar 2007, at 10:24, geert lovink wrote:

> Dear all, this question is and isn't useful for our videovortex
> context. Of course there is consumer choice so in that sense the
> question of CNET is justified. Some see mobile phone cameras as  
> baroque
> additions, Oscar Wilde type good for nothing extras. For others it  
> is a
> vital tool for our new audio-visual culture and the ultimate
> democratization of the photo and film camera, a process that started
> over 150 years ago. Best, Geert
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>> CNET Community Hot Topics Newsletter 	March 20, 2007
>> Are camera phones useful or just toys?
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>> Dear CNET members,
>> How do you feel about having cameras on your cell phones? Do
>> you think they're useful or are they just toys?  Wait--before
>> you answer that, let me guess. The majority of you will
>> answer, "It's a toy!" OK, I'm not guessing, because based on
>> a previous poll that I presented, well over 50 percent of you
>> answered "Nothing else! It's a phone!", when asked what you
>> did with your phone besides making calls--which leads me to
>> assume many of you don't care much for having a camera on
>> your phone.
>> I use to think the same way, that having a camera on my phone
>> was more of a novelty. But after some use here and there, I
>> find it very useful, and I will continue to buy phones with
>> cameras built in. Why? Here are a few examples of my
>> usage. My kids: You never know when you'll have a unique "Kodak  
>> moment"
>> that you'll want to capture and share with the
>> wife or the grandparents. In case of an auto accident: It
>> gives you photo documentation of the damage done and the
>> location. Shopping: It helps identify the correct thing to
>> buy, especially when my wife makes a request for something
>> that I have no clue about. She takes a photo of the item, and
>> I'm off to buy it--no mistakes. Sure, the photo quality from
>> my cell phone isn't great but even a poor photo is worth a
>> thousand words, so I find it very useful to have one. But
>> enough of what I think. What's your opinion about the camera
>> on your cell phone? Do you find it to be useful, and for what
>> purposes do you use it? Or do you think it's a novelty
>> item and still just a toy? Tell us all about it in the
>> latest Make the call discussion and share with the rest of
>> what you think.
>>   Are camera phones useful or just toys?
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>> Lee Koo
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