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Simons, J.A.A. J.A.A.Simons at uva.nl
Thu Apr 12 14:44:14 CEST 2007

Hi Geert,

Maybe of some related interest?

Jan S.

>Eyes on iTV is an International iTV Conference about The Art of Getting It
>Right-Developing interactive content for different platforms .
>Eyes on iTV
>The conference is about creating and developing interactive content, concepts
>and programmes. The conference discusses issues concerning the whole production
>process and aims to combine academic research with best practice from the
>production world.


>€ Broadcasting iTV ­ Case Studies
>€ Developing iTV programmes, ideas and concepts
>€ Developing iTV applications and concepts
>€ Producing iTV programmes
>€ New Technology, New Possibilities ­ iTV, IP-TV, DVB-H
>€ iTV research ­ testing usability and programme concepts


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