<videovortex> Vx:meeting in Amsterdam 18, 19, 20th Jan 2008

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 28 17:17:52 CET 2007


:mission will look at how distribution of Social Justice Video is 
happening using Free and Open Source technology. It is a chance to find 
out about existing distribution projects, get feedback for your own 
projects or ideas, find collaborators and scheme about how best to 
distribute your video. This is event is associated with the 
transmission network. For more info check transmission.cc

This will happen with 3 days of events. A Show with films, info and 
discussion on Friday 18th Jan, A day of Geek central hacklab work on 
the 19th, and a day of public workshops on Sunday 20th Jan. The times: 
Start 18:00 Fri 18th, End 18:00 Sunday 20th.

The kinds of things we'll discuss and work on are...

Open source Video Content Management and transcoding systems
Translations and Subtitling tools
Help files and Documentation to help people get involved
Video Distribution Strategy

This gathering is planned in a association with FlossManuals .net and 
clearerchannel.org. It has a focus on how we can better document 
projects and user orientated help.

The Amsterdam meeting dates are 18, 19, 20 January 2008 To coincide 
with the Video Vortex Conference.

Sign up for the event discussion email list here 

If you want to book a place on a workshop or if you have any questions 
about transport, accommodation etc, please email mickfuzz at 

Keep informed and find out full information on the Transmission 
Vx:mission page Transmission Vxmission page


cameleon theatre
3E Kostverlorenkade 35D
1054 TS Amsterdam


A night of films and ideas from the world of radical social justice 
video. VX:mission is a working gathering of video activist and open 
software technology hackers. We are working together to increase the 
noise of social justice video on the internet and the digital pirate 
airwaves. Join us on this night as we bring you videos, news from the 
digital underground and a plan to save us from the corporate digital 
vaccuum cleaners like YouTube.

Introductory short Indymedia films
and summary of Imc-Video situation.
Demo of Plumi http://www.engagemedia.org - 10 mins
and films from EngageMedia
Demo of http://ifiwatch.tv and film's introduced by Ifiwatch.tv's Zoe 
Demo of and Video docs on Floss Manuals and Films from 
Demo of VisionTV custom Miro player- 10 mins
and VisononTV films
Show in a Box, the Wordpress video blog and films
UK Indymedia films and video activist collective Reel2Real

Local collectives are invited to add to the programme please get intouch
mickfuzz at rocketmail.com

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