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> three free voices on life after capitalism
> This is the week of the world forums. The World Economic Forum 2007 in 
> Davos started on January 24 and will last until Monday 28, 2007. This 
> annual meeting is characterized by growing business participation. 
> This year 800 of the 2,400 participants are chief executives or 
> chairmen. The participants will address this year’s theme “The 
> Shifting Power Equation”.
> The theme of the 7th annual World Social Forum this week in Nairobi 
> was “People’s Struggles, People’s Alternatives”. The World Social 
> Forum is expanding democratic spaces for those seeking concrete, 
> sustainable and progressive alternatives to globalization. 
> Both conferences triggered us to think about the question: “What’s 
> after capitalism?” Take a look at how some of our participants at 
> September’s Table of Free Voices answered the question. Then share 
> your own thoughts on the subject on www.droppingknowledge.org
> Anthony Arnove is one of the most fearless of the younger generation 
> of American cultural commentator and activitists.
> See Anthony Arnove's full video answer and transcript
> Anuradha Mittal is the founder and director of The Oakland Institute, 
> a policy think tank dedicated to key social, economic, environmental 
> and foreign policy issues.
> See Anuradha Mittal's full video answer and transcript
> Mohau Pheko established Motheo Integrity Consultants to deliver 
> economic and social research to parliamentarians, women’s 
> organisations and civil servants.
> See Mohau Pheko's full video answer and transcript
> Over 100 more answers to this question can be found in The Table of 
> Free Voices Archive. Also be sure to check out how Table participants 
> answered questions like “Why is it socially acceptable to hoard wealth 
> while so many go without basic needs?” or “Does our wealth depend on 
> the 3rd world being poor?”
> dropping knowledge in 2007
> dropping knowledge invites you to stay active and drop your knowledge 
> in 2007. We are planning many exciting events and projects for this 
> year. A documentary film about the Table of Free Voices event will be 
> produced and more Tables are in the works. Stay tuned for more 
> details.
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