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July 9, 2007
Art for Floating MP4 Players
Lump Gallery/Projects in Raleigh, North Carolina is an artist-run space 
that has been presenting, since 1996, some of the most provocative 
projects in the region. Last year one of its members, Michael Salter, 
moved to Eugene, Oregon where he founded Lumpwest, which he calls 'the 
third and silent partner of Lump Gallery/Projects.' Operating with a DIY 
attitude, Lumpwest has been making a name both locally and nationally 
with a program of experimental exhibitions such as 'Particulate,' 
currently on view. For this show, artist Chris Coleman brought together 
eight other artists--Tom Bendtson, dNASAb, Colin Ives, Adrianne Little, 
Laleh Mehran, Alexander Renya, G.A. Rhodes, and Adam Weekley--who 
created videos that are showcased in MP4 micro players (iPods, etc) hung 
in single row on all the walls of the gallery. For example, Renya's work 
addresses the aesthetics of advertising with a surrealist touch and 
Weekley reflects on gender issues. Salter says of dNASAb's work, he 'd! 
isplayed a dynamic, dimensional, gestural chaos of beauty from somewhere 
between nightmare and recognition.' Given these strong and diverse 
contributions, Particulate is thus a surprising exhibition of 
introspective, visual inspections of personal mythologies and the 
collective imaginary that offers an intimate yet psychologically 
engaging experience to the viewers. - Miguel Amado


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