<videovortex> Released: Plumi - Free Software Video Sharing Platform

Andrew and at engagemedia.org
Wed Jul 11 15:30:43 CEST 2007

Hi there,
Andrew from EngageMedia here. I emailed with Stoffel recently about  
the conf. and thought I'd jump on the list. Thought some of you might  
be interested in this announcement we are just sending around.

EngageMedia are very excited to announce the release of Plumi, a free  
software video sharing platform. Plumi enables you to create a  
sophisticated video sharing and community site out-of-the-box. In a  
web landscape where almost all video sharing sites keep their  
distribution platform under lock and key Plumi is one contribution to  
creating a truly democratic media.
http://plumi.org | http://engagemedia.org

Plumi is based on the popular Plone Content Management System <http:// 
plone.org> and adds a wide array of functionality including:

* Video uploading in any format (over http)
* Server-side flash transcoding and embedded playback
* Expanded video metadata set and classifications system
* RSS1 and RSS2 (vodcast) feeds created automatically from taxonomy  
items - eg country, genre, member, topic, or through creating custom  
smart folders
* Tagging
* WYSIWYG editor
* Extendable workflow, roles and permissions system
* Live search and RSS feeds from search results
* Customised workspaces for hosting files and other works, which can  
be made private or shared only with particular site members
* Embedded Playback of Quicktime, Flash video, Real and Windows Media  
within the browser
* Custom templates for publishing and browsing videos
* Custom profile page for site members with their personal vodcast feed
* Open Content Licensing including Creative Commons and GNU Free  
Documentation License and the ability to add your own custom licenses.

Future features will include:

* Automatic creation and seeding of BitTorrent files upon video upload
* Large video file uploads
* Mobile phone uploads and downloads
* Enhanced calendar functionality
* Transmission metadata standard: http://wiki.transmission.cc/ 
* Donations system for contributors and online purchasing
* Integration with gnutella and other p2p networks
* Collaborative film production tools

For a listing of out-of-the-box base Plone functionality see <http:// 

For more information about Plumi and to download version 0.1 RC1 see
http://plumi.org or http://plone.org/products/plumi

For an out-of-the-box demo of Plumi see http://demo.plumi.org

To stay up to date with developments you can join the announcement  
list http://lists.plumi.org/listinfo/plumi-announce

If you are interested in getting involved in development, have  
questions or suggestions you can

* join the developers mailing list: http://lists.plumi.org/listinfo/ 
* join us in chat: irc.freenode.net #plumi
* email contact at engagemedia.org

Plumi is the system that runs http://engagemedia.org - a video  
sharing site focussed on social and environmental issues in Southeast  
Asia, Australia and the Pacific. EngageMedia is an Australian based  
media/tech activist collective that develops Plumi and runs the  
EngageMedia.org site.

The EngageMedia Team
Andy, Anna, Andrew, Dave, Lachlan

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