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Videoblog History at AoIR
Published by Adrian Miles
July 11th, 2007 in Vogging Theory and Vogging Practice.

Richard Show has a proposal accepted for the next AoIR. It’s a  
videoblog based research documentary come piece about the history of  

The videoblog community, partly due to their dissatisfaction with the  
wikipedia videoblog page (wikiepedia emphasises neutrality over all  
else, which does mean it tends to be bare bones rather than critical,  
but it does want to be an encyclopedia after all), have been writing  
their own history. This is interesting in terms of a self  
documentation exercise, but as an academic I am intensely  
uncomfortable, after all I should be in there, but apparently I have  
to put myself in there to be there. That just runs against the rails  
of peer review, recognition and judgement. I’m all for forms of self  
publishing (this is a blog after all) but there is also some sort of  
line that I don’t know about but feel that I find difficult to cross.  
(This could just be culturally specific too. In most cultures it is  
not up to yourself to declare the significance - or not- of your  

Will be interested to see where Richard gets to with his project. And  
he should get in touch with Seth who is involved with the videovortex  
conference and presented a creative research project at AoIR in  
Brisbane last year.

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