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Mon Sep 3 06:59:11 CEST 2007

'Free Culture: What we need from you', by Lawrence Lessig, Linux  
World, Recorded August 15, 2006



Lawrence Lessig provides in the presentation ‘Free Culture: What we  
need from you’ an excellent insight into his concept of “free  
culture.” He argues that audio and video offer in the digital realm  
and within the Internet environment a new platform for “speech”:  

"This is read-write culture. This is digital creativity. It’s the  
creativity these technologies beg for, creativity that of course it  
is not new when you think of film and television for the last 60  
years, what is new is that this capacity has been democratised.  
Anyone with a 1500 dollar computer can take images and sounds from  
the culture around us and remix them in a way to express either  
political ideas or cultural criticism, in the most powerful way any  
of us know how to speak. Through video and music, these tools of  
creativity are now tools of speech producing a new potential to  
speak, a new potential to learn, this is the literacy of the 21st  
Century and its capacity is to revive this read-write culture."

seth.keen at rmit.edu.au

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