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A post by Andy Nicholson (Engage Media) on the still/open workshop blog.


original source - http://wiki.infiniterecursion.com.au/index.php/ 

"The menagerie of the latest open source frameworks cross many  
languages, databases, and libraries, and underlying computing models.  
Networking, object managing frameworks like Zope , Twisted , Django  
slither along in the undergrowth [2], and are occupying their space  
in the “web 2.0” universe [3]. Video sharing communities like  
EngageMedia are themselves based off such community built systems  
[4]. Collaborative CMS apps like Drupal, MediaWiki, and WordPress,  
irradiate out from another active developer community, generating  
weblogs, wikis, collaborative news, and group editable encyclopedias  
[5]. Twisting up the strands of open protocols, and networked  
commodity hardware you can create communications structures such as  
real-time group text chat and instant messaging – ie, IRC networks,  
VOIP (voice over IP), email lists, and then link them all back  
together [6]. These systems help loop different communities back into  
the information commons, recursively amplifying feedback between  
participants and projects [7]."

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