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Sat Jan 5 22:51:47 CET 2008

I took a closer look at the - http://www.video24-7.org/ 24/7 a DIY  
Video Summit which is scheduled to take place a few weeks after the  
Video Vortex event. Both conferences reflect the current relevance of  
online video. The http://www.video24-7.org/overview/ overview for the  
24/7 summit focuses on examining ways to maintain the production and  
distribution of online video and aims to cater for a broad range of  
content producers from do-it-yourself through to professional, with  
the objective to get "grassroots" producers involved in discussions  
on where online video is heading.

"We are in the early stages of a fundamental transformation in how we  
create, share and view dynamic visual media. This transformation is  
enabling a new media ecology that can support widespread amateur  
video creation, and peer-to-peer and many-to-many distribution to  
audiences both large and small. Although it is clear that there is  
tremendous demand for user-generated and bottom-up forms of digital  
video, it remains unclear how best to support these creative  
projects, what the implications are for artistic practice and how to  
build bridges between old and new media."

Following the broad objective of the event there are representatives  
from activists, academics, curators, media producers through to  
commercial providers including some of the larger video websites. The  
event supported by the Institute of Multimedia Literacy, School of  
Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California from what I can  
tell tends to be US centric. The panel http://www.video24-7.org/ 
panels/index.html presentations/discussions cover four broad themes  
research; artistic practice; intellectual property/copyright; Tools  
(both non-commerrcial and commercial) with discussion on "ad-revenue  

The IP/copyright http://www.video24-7.org/panels/index.html questions  
being asked:

"Are the legal risks of DIY media--copyright infringement from remix  
and appropriation, aggressive licensing demands by rightsholders, and  
the like--silencing vibrant voices? On the other side, can  
intellectual property, always intended as an incentive for  
production, work for DIY artists?"

Overall, the 'summit' seems to provide another platform that supports  
an alternative perspective on what is described in the 24/7 publicity  
as a "revolution" that is similar in scale and ubiquity to blogging.

sethkeen at internode.on.net

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