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> Tel-Aviv Portraits
> http://the9th.com/?p=126
> Doron Golan's exhibition at the Junco-Dada Museum in Israel consist  
> of three looped short QuickTime movies of 30 seconds each. They are  
> close-up portraits of two soldiers - two men and one woman.
> The starting point for the work is the artist’s practice of  
> walking the city, in the tradition of the wandering photographer.
> This wandering, this focus on experiencing the particular instant  
> within time and space is fundamental, of course, to the history and  
> tradition of photography. Cartier- Bresson articulated this in the  
> thirties with his notion of the decisive moment whose intensity and  
> emotional charge serve to uncover the deeper meanings of the event  
> and not just present its outward form.
> Doron decontextualises the fragments presented here and by thus  
> initially abstracting them from history creates a sort of painterly  
> image to which he then restores an element of movement with an  
> almost comic use of animation.
> In each work the framing, the composition, is different. The  
> soldier is looks downward, thoughtful, perhaps annoyed.
> In the second project, Boaz, we see only part of the face between  
> the eyes and the mouth, looking straight at us, and in the third  
> piece, Udi, the subject regards us from below.
> These playful gazes invite the viewer in but the addition of the  
> animation on the one hand confirms the artificiality, the  
> constructedness of the two dimensional image and on the other  
> serves to remind us of the actual realities involved.
> In Soldier two bees buzz in a way both mechanical and irritating.
> In Boaz a noisy helicopter passes between his gaze and ours and in  
> Udi, a green plane fulfills a similar role...
> The structure of the work turns the flicker of motion to stillness  
> and thus focuses us upon the act of reading and interpreting  
> implicit details. We are rendered detective and hunter, energized  
> by the miracle of these images of the urban environment.
> The confrontation between these frozen fragments of reality and the  
> animation and sound that accompanies them serves to constantly  
> remind us of the reality of today’s violent existence. The work  
> invites the viewer to achieve these rich transformations each in  
> our own way – we are the last piece of the puzzle.
> Ilana Tenenbaum
> Director of the New Media Center at Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

sethkeen at internode.on.net

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